Youth Leaders Engage with UN SDG Action Campaign during ECOSOC Youth Forum

The 2018 ECOSOC Youth Forum took place on 30 – 31 January 2018 at the UN HQ in New York City. The Youth Forum brought together hundreds of young leaders, ministers, civil society organisations and UN agencies to discuss the role of youth in building sustainable and resilient urban and rural communities.

The Forum presented the UN SDG Action Campaign with the opportunity to bring the SDGs to the forefront of the discussions, to re-connect with some of our longstanding partners, as well as to inspire young leaders to #Act4SDGs and to foster new partnerships.


Campaign workshop for Youth Leaders from Northern Africa & Arab States:

A workshop was organized to inform and train twenty young change-makers from the UNDP Youth Leadership Program on SDG Action campaigning. Stories from the Humans of MY World Campaign (now in Nigeria!) were shared, MY World 2030 was introduced as both a data collection and advocacy tool, and a brainstorm took place about possible activities to be carried out during the Global Day of Action.

Youth Leaders from Northern Africa and Arab States explain how to #Act4SDGs during the ECOSOC Youth Forum. #Youth2030

Side-event on the importance of mainstreaming the SDGs in Education:

Organized by UN Youth Delegates and hosted at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations, a discussion took place on how to better integrate the SDGs in our education systems. Rosario Gravito shared best practices from the Millennials Movement in Peru, while other campaigns and toolkits such as the World Largest Lesson (Project Everyone), MY World 2030 and MY Campus (UN SDG Action Campaign) were shared.
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UN Virtual Reality (UNVR) experience during DPI NGO Youth Representatives Event

During DPI’s youth event Virtual Reality Screening was used to transport viewers into real life crisis situations in both urban and rural areas.  The concept has proven it’s impact, and also this time around youth leaders were both touched and inspired by the immersive storytelling portfolio of UNVR.

Important: Youth Leaders, Civil Society organisations, and others, can still register for the Global Festival of Action on Sustainable Development taking place in Bonn on 21-23 March. Register here!

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ECOSOC Youth Forum

The ECOSOC Youth Forum brought young people from around the globe to come together to discuss ways in which young people can and are helping to manage the shift from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The forum also addressed ways to ensure that the needs and priorities of all youth are at the center of the future development agenda and its implementation. It was a platform for youth to engage in dialogue with Member States and contribute to policy formulation on economic and social aspects.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addresses the forum
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addresses the forum

The forum consisted of a number of speakers and panels that spoke about these issues, and then there were occasionally follow-up breakout sessions and interactive discussions to give young people in attendance the opportunity to voice their opinions. In these sessions, notes were made to ensure that the necessary UN representative members and staff heard young people’s opinions. Additionally, young people could bring back what they learned from the forum to their organizations around the world, specifically sharing new ideas for how youth can be engaged in the future SDGs.


MY World was a strong focal point for the opening event because it gives young people the ability voice their vote and become engaged in the future SDGs. Through this simple survey, national representatives can see what their people are voting for as their priority and compare it to the world populations’ results. In his opening remarks, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon commented that, “Seven million people responded to the UN’s My World survey. Seventy percent of them were under the age of 30. The input of youth has been crucial to developing the next generation of sustainable development goals. Young people’s views were reflected in my synthesis report on the post-2015 agenda. I proposed a set of six elements that are critical to sustainable development: Dignity, People, Prosperity, Planet, Partnership and Justice. All of these matter to youth.”

An amazing and inspiring video by a high school girl highlighted the importance of the MY World survey and youth engagement in the next round of SDGs. The video was presented to the entire youth forum at the end of final remarks. Be sure to share the video with your friends and family so they understand the importance of the MY World survey and the SDGs: