Integrando tecnología educativa en Casa de la Mujer Indígena “Mak Ujhani”

Indigenous women find a shelter to treat and avoid gender violence -and it is run by one of them

Angelica Ruiz Felix, an otomí indigenous woman from Queretaro, Mexico is a mother of 4 children, artisan, Otomi cultural manager and official Otomi-Spanish translator. She is also the administrator of the House of Indigenous Woman “Casa de la Mujer Indígena ´Mak Ujhani´” (CAMI) in Tolimán, Querétaro, Mexico.

CAMI is a center run by women trained as promoters, facilitators and traditional doctors. The problem they address with their work is the prevention and eradication of violence against women. This initiative offers services at the CAMI to prevent, assist and give follow-up care to women that have suffered any type of violence.

The center also raises awareness through workshops, courses and summits to women and men and create spaces to exchange experiences and work along with public servants to address violence against women in the municipality.

Who is behind this?

Angelica Ruiz Felix

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