Nigeria in maps

The new word you need to know is “mapicles” (maps+articles)

The main objective of this initiative is to represent technical data, resources and statistics using maps which can be more visually understood by the general public. This makes for a better interpretation of any contentious social issues using factual, colorful and simplified maps. According to a 2016 Microsoft survey, humans have an average attention span of just eight seconds. Based on this finding, it is safe to conclude that public representation of data on topical issues including those related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) must be catchy and thought-provoking.

Nigeria In Maps is an online catalog of maps about Nigeria on current national issues. The articles that go with each map have been coined as “Mapicles”. Data gathering from developing countries can be quite challenging, including data currency, accuracy, availability and accessibility. Anyone with the experience of working with data can relate to these challenges but this initiative is for the benefit of the general public and humanity.

After several months of searching for publicly available Nigerian data, the changemaker behind the project was able to produce thematic maps on health, gender equality, security, population, finance, politics and general knowledge. Shortly after the launch of Nigeria In Maps, Anadolu – the largest news agency in the Middle East published an article on Boko Haram based on a map-video from the website. These maps show that available data can become valuable if properly communicated. More “thought-provoking” maps will be produced and hopefully this idea will be replicated in other developing countries.

Who is behind this?

Olusegun Osifuye

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