My World. Challenges for a better world

One of the big boys (indeed, a bank) raising awareness through its huge platforms

“La Caixa” Banking Foundation launched the travelling exhibition “My World. Challenges for a better world”, which has been on display at the foundation’s cultural centers in several Spanish cities since 2015.

At the time, it was the first exhibition devoted entirely to the SDGs in Spain, placed in exhibition centers that reach thousands of people. When thinking about what kind of exhibition the foundation envisioned, the challenge was to take a step forward regarding the dissemination of the SDGs, and for this reason the exhibition was designed in a very participative way rather than a purely informative one.

The aim of this exhibition is to be inclusive, innovative and interactive. It uses new innovative tools, like holographic audiovisuals and virtual reality glasses. The target audience is very wide: general public, individuals, families, schools, etc. So far, the total number of visitors is over 75,000 and about 8,000 school children have also taken part in the educational workshops. The educational component of the exhibition is a particular strength and it responds to a demand from the teachers who want to explain the SDGs to their students and do not have the resources to do it in a successful and fun way.

The next step of the project is the total integration of the SDGs in the main  “la Caixa” Banking Foundation new strategic plan.

Taking into account that this organization has an annual budget of 520 million euros, its projects reach about 11 million people every year, the potential dissemination, SDGs awareness, and real impact can be remarkable.

Who is behind this?

La Caixa Foundation

For more information:

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