MY World 360°

Best of 2019

The MY World 360° Program Guide

– filled with resources about the SDGs and how they relate to your community, technical and creative guidelines and all information to get you started.

MY World 360° invites young people worldwide

to learn about the SDGs and to develop digital skills needed to create 360° media as a way to share their perspectives and their communities in an immersive and compelling way.

Together, we will strengthen the dialogue between institutions and citizens, increase knowledge, empathy and inspire everyone to take part in the action and positive social change.

MY World 360° FAQ

Ready to become a MY World 360° creator? See the FAQs for a brief overview of the program.


Young participants from around the world are eligible to contribute immersive media, including photography and film, to the open call for submissions to MY World 360°

Next call for submissions will open by the end of May 2019, stay tuned!


Understand your challenge

How can we use 360° media to empower and inspire people across the world to take action to make a positive change for people and the planet? How are the SDGs important for me and the people around me? Start by exploring the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are relevant to you and your community. MY World can be used as a tool to start the conversation and ask yourself and the people around you what stories need to be told.

Register as a Partner, collect, view, analyze and share the results!


Find the Story

How that you have discussed the goals with your community and found the top ideas, it’s time to find the story you want to tell and how to tell it. Look for trends, top priorities in your community… this project is about amplifying the voices of those whose are mostly unheard and putting the spotlight on the issues we most care about by using 360° media. What is your goal? Whose story do you want to tell?


Lights, Camera, Action! – Produce Your 360º Media

Time to learn the skills and tricks you need to be able to represent the story you want to tell using 360° media.

360° Production Guide – from 360° cameras to smartphones, whatever hardware and production equipment you have, this Guide offers comprehensive tools, technical tips and videos to develop the skills to create 360° media.

Technical Guide to Producing 360° Media – a resource on equipment and apps that can be used to produce 360° videos and photos


Share & Connect

Share your 360 media with the online community using the hashtag #MYWorld360 on social media.

And share your story with us to be part of a curated global MY World 360° playlist featuring 360° media from participants across the globe:

MY WORLD 360 is a program created in partnership with Digital Promise Global, Oculus, and the UN SDG Action Campaign.