JCI Members Commit 2,522,500 votes at 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit


By Carlos Suarez, JCI External Relations Manager, with edits by Bonnie Stack, JCI Communications Manager
23-25 July, 2015 – New York

Nearly 500 young active citizens from over 50 nationalities united inside the United Nations at the annual Junior Chambers International 2014 Global Partnership Summit. JCI seized this significant, timely opportunity to discuss the final push for the advancement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and explore opportunities on shaping the post-2015 development agenda. With young people joining together to increase cultural understanding and create positive change, the event was an essential gathering to engaging active citizens from all sectors of society to formulate strategic partnerships for sustainable impact. “The Millennium Development Goals represent the greatest single anti-poverty campaign in human history,” UN Assistant Secretary-General and Special Adviser to the Secretary-General Kim won-soo said.

With the MDGs as a global framework to fight poverty, it will take the combined effort of governments, the private sector and civil society to develop a successful strategy and create measurable results.  The 2014 JCI Global Partnership Summit united leaders and representatives from all sectors to address and formulate sustainable approaches to development. The UN Millennium Campaign plays an integral role in engaging young active citizens by listening to their voices and providing the platform for taking targeted action, advocating for the MDGs and the post-2015 global development agenda. As young people around the world focus on the MDGs as a targeted approach to addressing challenges, strategic JCI partners recognized the importance of long-lasting collaboration.

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Children International Gives Children and Youth a Say at the UN

UN Surveys 3“The most important issue for me is equality between men and women.” – Shabag

For the first time, the UN is allowing people to have a direct say in shaping a better world – and Children International Is helping young people around the world take advantage of this opportunity

Press release and pictures all courtesy Child International – ©2014 Children International

Kansas City, MO (August 6, 2014) For the first time, the United Nations is allowing people to have a direct say in shaping a better world, and Children International is helping the nearly 340,000 impoverished children and youth it serves take advantage of this opportunity.

The UN has created two platforms – “MY World” and “The World We Want 2015” – with a specific version of the latter for children under 18 called “The World Children Want.” These platforms allow people to voice their opinions about what should be a priority for the global development process starting in 2015, at which point the UN’s Millennium Development Goals will expire. The UN has been working with governments everywhere to define the next global agenda to address extreme poverty and preserve the planet. The quantitative data from “MY World” and the qualitative data from “The World We Want 2015” will continue to inform these processes and be used by decision-makers around the world.

“I want this to be the most inclusive global development process the world has ever known,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said in a video about creating the post-2015 agenda.

Children International is making sure that the hundreds of thousands of young people living in the impoverished communities it serves are able to have their voices heard by the UN through the “MY World” and “The World Children Want” surveys. Children International computer labs are available in 10 countries for children to fill out the surveys online, and Children International staff and volunteers are also assisting children and youth with paper ballots. Several of Children International’s locations will have the children and youth fill out the surveys as part of their International Youth Day activities on August 12.

UN Surveys 1Somnath, a Children International sponsored youth from India who recently completed the “MY World” survey, said, “It means a lot to fill in this survey. I am so overjoyed and excited …It’s an opportunity for me to make myself heard and my opinion matter.”


Rukshar, a Children International sponsored youth also from India, said, “It is important to listen to the voices of children and youth because the policies being made for the future concern us, and it is sensible to take into consideration our opinions and concerns to get a holistic view.”


Anyone can add their voice to the “MY World” survey, and children between the ages of 8 and 18 can add their voice to “The World Children Want” survey. Join the “World We Want 2015” discussion!

See where Children International works to serve impoverished children and youth around the world.

About Children International

Children International prepares children and youth to escape the traps of poverty by supporting their critical needs, building resilience and engaging them in transformative activities. Children International accomplishes this by providing crucial benefits and compassionate care through easily accessible, modern community centers. Children International’s presence, programs and supporters have a positive impact on children, youth, families and communities; provide protection; encourage self-sufficiency; and serve as catalysts for change.

For more information about Children International, visit www.children.org.

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For more information please contact:

  • Christy Howard, Corporate Communications, Children International, Direct:  (816) 943-3730, Email: choward@children.org
  • Brittany Gelbach, Public Relations, Children International, Direct: (816) 943-3832, Email: bgelbach@children.org

JCI Renews Commitment to MY World Campaign


During the 2014 JCI Area Conferences, JCI members took action to engage young active citizens and surrounding community members in the MY World campaign during each of these unique events in Medellin, Colombia (April 23-26), Lome, Togo (May 21-24), Yamagata, Japan (June 4-7) and St. Julian’s, Malta (June 11-14). JCI adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2004 as a way for young active citizens to take targeted action in their communities to create a global impact. The MY World Campaign presents a unique opportunity to continue the commitment and engagement for setting the next set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the post-2015 process.

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The United Nations Goes Grassroots For the MY World Global Tour

Note: This is an article originally posted on the Huffington Post & The Toolbox by Melissa Jun Rowley

willsaigeI’ve always believed that whatever we fall in love with as children never really leaves us, but that it merely gets buried by distractions and obstacles we create when we become adults. That being said, growing up doesn’t need to be quite so tragic. When we’re remarkably clear about our convictions, the people who enter our lives and the circumstances we face move in the direction of our dreams with us. This isn’t a New Age ideal. This is what happens when someone has unwavering vision.

When Saige Martin was 12 years old, he told people he wanted to end poverty when he grew up. Filled with vision and determination, he mapped out his world travels and wrote down the kinds of campaigns he’d build and execute. 11 years later, Saige’s professional and personal dreams are unfolding in front of the world. On April 1, he and fellow United Nations Millennium Campaign Chief Storyteller and Campaign Consultant, William Moore, set out on the first leg of the MY World Global Tour, initiated for the purpose of collecting and amplifying insights from everyday citizens on the ground about the changes they think need to take place to transform their communities for the better. Traveling to 12-15 different countries from now until the end of August, Saige and William will be capturing data and personal stories of the people they meet in villages, classrooms, hospitals, and refugee camps, and sharing these human faces with the United Nations and its leaders.

While the MY World Tour is brand new, the MY World initiative itself has been in effect for more than a year. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon launched MY World in 2013 as a global survey to inform the decision-making process on the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda. To date, more than 1.5 million citizen insights from 194 countries have been gathered. As part of the new goal to reach 10 million MY World participants, Saige and William are setting out to garner 1 million additional votes, while supporting the UN’s nonprofit partners in cultivating engagement around the post-2015 anti-poverty debate.

So how are they going to do this?

“A major component of the Global Tour is the recruitment of young people as MY World voters and Youth Advocates,” shared William. “Of the 1.6 million votes we’ve collected thus far, 67 percent of those votes have come from people under the age of 30 years old. On each tour stop we will partner with public and private universities, high schools and primary schools in order to expand our MY Campus program, which engages and empowers young people to be change agents in their communities.”

Currently in their first country of the tour, Mexico, William and Saige are already seeing the collective power of the youth.

While working with the UN partner AXIOS, the duo visited two schools, where the students pledged 20,000 votes in the MY World survey. Mexico’s votes now stand at approximately 36,000. They received such a positive response in the region that a contest arose between the schools in the two neighboring towns of San Miguel el Alto and San Juan de los Lagos.

“Long story short, the two schools are now in fierce competition on behalf of MY World,” said Saige. “Motivated by the prospect of becoming MY World Youth Ambassadors, the student leaders are working on bringing in a certain number of votes. Having heard that the San Miguel students had pledged 10,000 votes as their minimum to become Youth Ambassadors, the San Juan student council announced that they could easily bring in 15,000 from their town. We set the bar at 10k for each school and have left AXIOS to coordinate the competition.”


Saige said the San Miguel school is planning to hold a press conference with the mayor in order to get out the vote.

“For both groups it seemed to be an issue of making sure their town’s voice is brought to the table for post-2015, as well as defending communal pride. The deadline to reach 10,000 votes is August 15th.”

On the data front of MY World, information on the priorities of key demographics is viewable at data.myworld2015.org, where visitors can explore voting results by age, gender, income, education, country and region. The MY World staff recently sent out the first wave of “country reports” to the Permanent Missions of over 60 member-states. These reports provide leaders with a bespoke snapshot and in-depth analysis of MY World results in their country.

As for the MY World Tour storytelling component, William and Saige are going grassroots style.

“Our motto going into this trip has become “Have camera, will travel!” shared William. “We have two DSLR cameras, two flip cams, and three MY World tablets that will serve as virtual voting booths whilst we collect votes and conduct citizen interviews on street corners and in other public spaces. Tour followers can anticipate a short video and a series of photo-narratives from each and every country stop on our tour. This content will ultimately be adapted into a public exhibition at the UN when we return to New York City in September.”

Congratulations to William, Saige, and the entire United Nations Millennium Campaign team on embarking on what is sure to be a humanizing and eye-opening journey for the UN and citizens across the globe.

The Toolbox will be sharing updates on the MY World Global Tour on a regular basis. If you’d like to follow the tour via social media, check out the team’s Facebook page, and the MY World blog.

Humans of MY World

"Really, climate change is my biggest fear in life. I'm worried because I have have 9 grandchildren. In the short term it may actually help San Miguel, because we're getting a better spread of rain. But the long run, the long run's a different story" — in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
“Really, climate change is my biggest fear in life. I’m worried because I have have 9 grandchildren. In the short term it may actually help San Miguel, because we’re getting a better spread of rain. But the long run, the long run’s a different story” — in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
We have launched Humans of MY World to capture and share the human faces and stories behind the 1.6 million participants in the United Nations campaign MY World.

We will be traveling to 15 countries, reaching out to people in far-flung villages and jam-packed inner cities, from Bogota to Bangkok and across five continents- visiting campuses and classrooms, community centers, hospitals, and refugee camps- and of course taking pictures and collecting stories for HOMY all the time. We’ll also be linking up with many of the other “Humans of” teams that have sprung up in the places we’re visiting. We invite you to join in on the adventure here by following our travels and leaving your own comments and stories. Check out Humans of MY World

“Mark A Difference” volunteers in the spotlight of the UN Day in Jordan


“It is vital to ensure that youth are a part of the conversation to identify the next development priorities, both globally and locally,” HRH Princess Basma bin Talal said during the UN Day celebrations on 24 October, adding that “here in Jordan, youth were a vibrant part of the national consultations”.

Proud of the recent award as the “Best Outreach Partner of the Arab States Region”, the “Mark A Difference” volunteers were the protagonists of the UN Day event held in Amman, attended by over 500 people to commemorate the foundation of the United Nations. Their achievements, enthusiasm and dedication were recognized by HRH Princess Basma bin Talal, the guest of honor.  Continue reading ““Mark A Difference” volunteers in the spotlight of the UN Day in Jordan”

Every opinion counts

IMG_0174Volunteers engaged young people in Azerbaijan in an open conversation about their priorities for the post-2015 development agenda.

BAKU, October 2013 – “If I had a chance to be born again, I would choose to be born nowhere else but in my village. I don’t want to move to the city, I just want to be able to get everything I need as a young person in my village,” said 19-year-old Firuza Guliyeva from the remote rural area in Gedebey during the National Youth Consultations held in Shirvan, Azerbaijan. For young people to be heard and considered during decision making came up as one of the most salient themes during the national consultation process in Azerbaijan – part of the ongoing global conversations being led by the UN and world leaders to build a collective vision of a new post-2015 development framework. Continue reading “Every opinion counts”

MY World 2015: Over one million people speak at the United Nations

  •  Over 1 million people have answered MY World, the United Nations global survey to citizens- voting for education, health, honest and responsive government and jobs as basis for a better future.
  • The results from MY World are being presented through a report and an innovative and interactive new exhibit called “Listening to ONE MILLION Voices.”
  • This turning point has been the perfect backdrop for MY World Partner Recognition Event and Award Ceremony held during in New York the week of the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.


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Over one million people speak at the United Nations

1,130,000 people have answered MY World, the United Nations global survey to citizens- voting for education, health, honest and responsive government and jobs as basis for a better future. 

Results from MY World are being presented to world leaders during the 68th UN General Assembly session in New York through a report and an innovative and interactive new exhibit called “Listening to ONE MILLION Voices.”


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UN Secretary-General listens to 1 million voices from MY World

People around the world call for better education, healthcare, honest and responsive government and jobs. 

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon presented today a new report “A Million Voices: The World We Want”. The report summarizes the findings from public consultations and surveys, that engaged more than 1.3 million people in all 193 UN Member States since August 2012 in an effort to identify priorities for the post-2015 development agenda that will succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

For the last year, the UN has been encouraging an unprecedented ‘global conversation’ on the world that people want,” said Ban Ki-moon. “The report that we launch today captures the voices of over one million people from all regions and backgrounds. We sought the voices of those that are usually unheard – particularly those people that are poor, excluded or marginalized.

SG with kid 1 million

Almost one million people participated on this consultations through the MY World options survey, using digital channels, SMS and extensive offline interactions through a network of over 700 civil society partners.

Most MY World votes came from India, Nigeria, Cameroon, Thailand, Philippines, Rwanda, USA, UK, Brazil and Indonesia. Half of all participants were under 30 years old.

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