Le monde que les Haïtiens veulent

Clemence Rogers, Programme Officer of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme  in Haiti, receives a text message at 9:30 am “I already have 40 votes from Pilate!”

A few hourslater her phone rings again, UN Volunteers are calling from the North Department: “Here in Limbe, there are a lot of people and they all want to complete the survey form, I will soon be running out of ballots!”

She cannot help but thinking about the capital “How is the mobilization in Port-au-Prince?”


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“Marca la Diferencia” campaña en Español

Más de 600.000 personas ya han participado en MY World, la primera encuesta de las Naciones Unidas para un mundo mejor  y han votado por sus prioridades de cara a la futura agenda global de desarrollo.

Pero queremos sumar aún más voces.

El próximo martes 4 de junio lanzamos la campaña  de comunicación “Marca la diferencia”  en castellano para impulsar la participación en  esta encuesta de España y Latino América. Continue reading ““Marca la Diferencia” campaña en Español”

The UN engages Mexican citizens to take part in shaping the future global development agenda


Mexico City The United Nations represented by Ms. Helen Clark, the Senate of Mexico, Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Santa Fe and AXIOS-Mision Mujer, A.C., invite Mexican citizens to participate in setting the world’s future development agenda by voting in an innovative survey known as MY World, the United Nations global survey for a better world.

Presented by the UN and partners the last Friday 15 of March, MY World provides an extraordinary pathway for citizens to have a say in what development priorities world leaders should include in the next development framework.

In a special video message today for the MY World survey, Executive Director of the United Nations Development Programme Ms. Helen Clark encouraged the public: “Please vote for the world you want on the website!”

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