UN Belarus marks International Day of Disabilities by collecting MY World votes

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Originally posted on UN in Belarus— Written by Dasha Mironova, photos by Carolina Poliakova
3 снежань 2014

Вчера, в Международный день инвалидов, команда ООН побывала в гостях в маленьком, но таком интересном мире – в Белорусском обществе глухих. Мы пришли поговорить с людьми, которых обычно не слышат, об их приоритетах и проблемах, которые их волнуют. Мы пришли рассказать о глобальном опросе ООН МОЙ Мир 2015 и попробовать сделать так, чтобы этих таких разных и удивительных людей услышали.

Белорусское общество глухих – это организация, которая объединяет людей с нарушением слуха, место, где они собираются вместе, общаются, узнают о том, что происходит вокруг, делятся переживаниями и просто проводят время вместе. Это, в первую очередь, очень активные люди, которые тоже являются частью общества.

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На встрече было поднято множество важных и не всегда заметных обычным людям проблем. Пришедшие поделились с нами тем, как тяжело быть глухим при недостаточно высоко развитой безбарьерной среде: когда не всегда понятно, на какой станции метро выходить, потому что нет электронного табло, когда не можешь смотреть новости, интересные передачи и фильмы, потому что нет перевода на язык жестов или субтитров, когда не можешь объяснить доктору, что тебя беспокоит, и многие другие вещи, о которых здоровые люди, не сталкивающиеся с этой проблемой, могут и вовсе не знать.

“Я очень люблю смотреть биатлон, но я не слышу, когда объявляют результаты, а таблица с ними слишком быстро сменяется рекламой. Ведь это так просто – задержать ее на пару секунд”, -поделился с нами один из участников.

Вчера члены Белорусского общества глухих проголосовали за свой мир и свою Беларусь! Присоединяйтесь и вы, чтобы вместе сделать этот мир лучше!

3 December 2014

Yesterday, on the International Day of People with Disabilities, the UN team has visited a small but incredibly interesting world – Belarusian Society of the Deaf. We came to talk to those who are often not heard about their priorities and problems they face. We came to tell about the ongoing UN global survey MY World 2015 and to try to make these wonderful people heard.Belarusian Society of the Deaf is an organization that unites people with hearing disorder. It’s a place where they gather to talk, to learn what is going on in the world around them, to share their thoughts and worries and just spend time together. It is, first of all, a group of active people who are also a part of our society.

During the meeting, a number of important and not always known for ordinary people issues have been raised. People have shared how hard it is to be deaf in the environment that is not yet barrier-free: when it’s not always clear what station it is in the subway as there is no electronic display, when you can’t watch news, interesting TV-programmes or movies because there’s no sign language translation or subtitles, when you can’t tell the doctor what is wrong with you, and many other things that healthy people might not even know about.

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“I love watching biathlon, but I can’t hear the results of the race and the table with them always disappears so fast followed by adds. It’s not so hard to let it stay a few seconds longer”, – mentioned one of the participants.

Yesterday members of the Belarusian Society of the Deaf voted for their world and their Belarus! Join and have your say at the United Nations to change the world together!


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MY World with FIA at the Modial de l'Automobile

(c) Luca Pascotto
(c) Luca Pascotto

Blog by Luca Pascotto, Global Public Policy Manager, FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’AUTOMOBILE

The Paris Motor Show (4-19 October 2014) – “Mondial de l’Automobile” – is one of the most important shows in the automotive calendar, taking place every two years.

Main car manufacturers announce their new models and the latest green and safe vehicle technology that will be fitted in new cars. The 2014 edition marked an outstanding result, attracting more than 1,2 million visitors: journalist, experts, but also families and the general public.

The event represented the perfect framework for the FIA, a non-for-profit global organisation, which brings together 236 national motoring and sporting organisations from 141 countries on five continents, to promote MY World at its stand.

We were positively surprised from the great success of the initiative: more than 3.000 people came to the FIA stand taking the time to voice their opinions on future policy areas. Many of them voted for “Better transport and roads,” giving strong encouragement to the FIA to continue advocating at the international level for improving road safety, in the second half of the  United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020”.



Hellenic Road Safety Institue “Panos Mylonas” launches MY World Initiative for Better Transport & Roads

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Πείτε και εσείς τι πιστεύετε πως θα κάνει τη ζωή σας καλύτερη
Πείτε τη γνώμη σας για τον κόσμο που θέλετε
Ψηφίστε στο: rsi-ioas.myworld2015.org 

The Hellenic Research and Educational Institute “Panos Mylonas” for Road Safety and the Prevention and Reduction of Traffic Accident (RSI) marked International Day for Road Victims on Sunday 16 November, 2014 by launching a campaign to support MY World 2015 in Greece.

RSI is a non-profit organization founded by University Institutions and selectively appointed companies in May 12th 2005. Greece is the country with the highest number of fatal accidents across Europe. Moreover, traffic accidents are the first cause of death in Greece. The Institute was founded in memory of the tragic loss of Panos Mylonas due to a road accident. The Institute aims to support and promote actions that advance road safety and traffic education, as well as study, research, information and education sectors and initiatives targeting the prevention and reduction of traffic accidents.

RSI will specifically focus on promoting the MY World priority: “Better transport and roads” through its extensive networks. This priority is currently ranked 12th globally, 14th in Greece, and 5th for RSI.


Leaders at the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) vote for a better world

My world 3gfThe Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Millennium Campaign organized a Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) MY World vote in Copenhagen on 20-21 October 2014 to raise awareness and build synergy between 3GF and the post-2015 agenda.

MY World is the UN global survey for a better world. The survey will gather people’s voices up to 2015 and the results will be shared with the UN Secretary-General and global leaders as they negotiate the new global agenda to address extreme poverty and preserve our planet.

Mogens Jensen, Danish Minister of Trade and Development, kicked off voting and expressed a strong message of hope: “We WILL be able, in the next 15 years, to totally eradicate extreme poverty.”

Hundreds of green growth and sustainability leaders at 3GF welcomed this unique opportunity to have their say at the UN and share what kind of world they want in the future. The top 3GF priorities are:

  1. Action taken on climate change
  2. A good education
  3. Access to clean water and sanitation
  4. An honest and responsive government
  5. Protecting forests, rivers and oceans

See full vote results. Watch event videos & interviews and check out photos. Thanks for having your say for a better world!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq6Lhi56uhc?list=PL-4ky2IvruTWok95XUXz-qhn1jAtSAgO1&w=560&h=315]

fYR Macedonia: Voting for their future – young people voice their priorities in the My World 2015 Survey

Source: UNDP

cq5dam.web.540.390Some fifty young people recently gathered together in a Skopje café with UN’s Human Rights Advisor Silva Pesic and UNDP’s Youth Project Coordinator Dejan Dokuzovski to learn more about the UN’s Universal Periodic Review and to offer their own input into the post-2015 agenda.

The Universal Periodic Review is a review of the human rights records of all UN member states. Initiated in 2006, this unique process reminds states of their responsibilities to fully respect and implement all human rights and freedoms and to address any violations of human rights.  The Universal Periodic Review “has great potential to promote and protect human rights in the darkest corners of the world.” – Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General

The gathering was organized as part of UNDP’s long-term commitment to promoting the inclusion of young people in the development of all policies that affect their lives.

“With UNDP’s Youth Project we are aiming to ensure that the opinions of young people are heard and taken into account in decision-making at local and national level,” explains Dejan. “It’s about empowering young people so that they have a say in their future.”

One of the topics discussed was the UN’s My World 2015 survey, a global online survey that allows people to have a direct say in shaping a better world.

“We had tablets and a laptop at the café,” says Dejan, “so everyone got a chance to vote for their priorities. Their votes matter because all the data collected from the My World survey will be used to inform decision-makers around the world in defining the priorities of the UN’s global agenda for future development.”

The voting was followed by a discussion about why the participants had selected certain priorities.

Jana, 23, a recent college graduate, believes that education should be a top priority. She argues that the education process in the country and the wider region needs new methodologies. In particular, she stresses that more practical experience is needed in education in order to better prepare young graduates for employment after college.

Ivan, 22, believes that a major focus area should be better job opportunities. Many young people are still looking for a job over a year after graduation. One of the main problems, he says, is that the jobs that are currently available do not match many graduates’ qualifications. He also highlights the lack of real entry-level positions for youth and the need for a comprehensive system of traineeship and practical work experience in companies for undergraduates during their studies.

The UN just recently began promoting the My World 2015 survey in the country and already over 1,500 people have cast their global vote. The votes collected so far show that most voters share the same priorities as Jana and Ivan: they want to see efforts concentrated on improving education, improving job opportunities and ensuring the provision of better healthcare.

New full version of video: Europeans have their say at the UN

Earlier this month, we shared a video from the UN Regional Information Centre (UNRIC) asked young Europeans in Brussels what issues are important to better their worlds.

Now, we are happy to share the new FULL version of the video! Check it out!

You can activate subtitles by clicking the “CC” icon on the bottom right-side of the video

MY World Campaign launched in Belarus

MY World´s communications campaign “Mark a difference” has been launched this week in Belarus. Belarusian celebrities such as Aliaksandra Herasimenia, swimmer and World Champion and double Olympic Medalist; Lucia Lushchyk, TV presenter and actress; Georgi Koldun, TV presenter and singer; Liudmila Vauchok, triple paralympic medalist; and Andrei Stas, ice hockey forward playing for Dynamo Minsk have supported this initiative and feature both on the print and video ads of this campaign.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsD0kffFzqQ]

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More than 8000 Ukrainians took part in the MY World survey

The photo captures journalists making their votes in the MyWorld2015 survey at the press event in the UN House.
The photo captures journalists making their votes in the MyWorld2015 survey at the press event in the UN House.

Since the MY World survey was launched the UN team in Ukraine has undertaken various communication and advocacy activities in order to draw attention of Ukrainians to the importance of making their contribution into the process of defining the future development path of the planet.

Communication component was seen by the UN team in Ukraine as a critical integral part of the whole Post-2015 consultation process aimed at ensuring maximum public engagement into the process and raising awareness about the process, and also promotion of the opportunity for the general public to widely participate in the MY World survey.

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