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Happy New Year and thank you for your partnership with the UN Millennium Campaign whether through the MY World Survey, the World We Want 2015, the Open Defecation Campaign or the work our Africa team has led on Financing and Equity.

This year marks a watershed in many ways. The MDG’s deadline is upon us and we have much to celebrate in terms of tangible progress to meet the goals.We also have good cause to celebrate the work of the UNMC and partners to build powerful citizen led campaigns on the MDGs from the award winning Stand Up Campaign, through the policy work on maternal mortality and of course the MY World Campaign for the new development agenda . It is a good moment to take pause and assess what has worked and with all honesty what has not so that as we move to the new agenda we can build on everything we have done before.

We know that in 2015 the stakes are high. World leaders will be working towards two outcomes that will be critical for people and planet. The first in September is the creation of the next set of global goals to follow the Millennium Development Goals and the culmination of critical climate change negotiations in Paris. The work we have done in the last few years to bring citizen voices to the UN should not be lost.

Today marks the launch of the Action/2015 campaign – a year for citizen global action in the escalating action towards finalizing the MDGs, and in calling for the ratification of an ambitious and transformation new global development agenda. It is now that we need you to redouble your efforts to ensure that all those who have placed their dreams and visions in our hands are honored. We owe the countless volunteers who have taken bikes, trains and have walked to gather voices from the most remote location to ensure world leaders hear these voices. You have gathered the voices and I trust you will use them.

It is also with some sadness that I share news of transitions in the UN Millennium Campaign. As of December 31st both Charles Abugre our Regional Director for Africa and myself are no longer with the campaign. However in this critical year UNDP have redoubled their commitment to the UN Millennium Campaign and appointed Mitchell Toomey as the new Director. As a partner in the early design of MY World he has bought a wealth of knowledge and experience which I am sure will take the UN Millennium Campaign to greater heights.

It has been an honor to lead the UN Millennium Campaign over the past 4 years and as I transition to the UN Foundation to intensify their support for the work of Amina Mohammed, Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development I will stay in contact with many of you.



Carta abierta a los líderes mundiales: Nosotros los pueblos

dearworldleadersQueridos Líderes Mundiales,

ESTE AÑO podría ser el año que cambia el curso de la historia para siempre – el año en que damos un paso adelante decisivo en la lucha contra la pobreza extrema y salvar a nuestro preciado planeta.

En 2015 estaremos confiando en ustedes para establecer nuevas metas de desarrollo, metas que suceden a los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio para proteger esta tierra y que sea un hogar seguro, igual y acogedor para todos los que viven en él.

Más de 7 millones de personas han participado en la encuesta global MY WORLD, porque queremos que ustedes sepan exactamente qué es lo que nosotros, el pueblo queremos. Les pedimos que se tomen en cuenta estos votos que representan las esperanzas y sueños de 1 de cada 1.000 personas en el planeta – esperanzas y sueños para una vida mejor.

Pedimos una mejor educación, salud, empleo, gobierno honesto y responsable y mucho más. Necesitamos un cambio de paradigmas y una unión. La uniformidad de los resultados de MY WORLD muestran que hay más que nos une que lo que nos divide. Hemos sabido esto durante toda la historia y sentido en nuestras propias vidas. Todos sabemos que es verdad.

El tamaño y el alcance de los votos MY WORLD muestran una fuerza inconfundible de este sentir, este es el tiempo para escuchar y honrar ese sentimiento. Vamos a conseguir estos nuevos objetivos para que dentro de 15 años no estamos escribiendo estas mismas palabras.

Vota, escucha y actua en 2015. Trabajando juntos podemos ser la generación que acabe con la pobreza y preserve el planeta.

Nosotros los pueblos.

(Gracias a MY World Jalisco por la traducción de la carta!)

An open letter to world leaders: We the peoples


Dear World Leaders,

THIS year, 2015, could be the one that changes the course of history forever — let’s take a decisive step forward in the fight to end extreme poverty and save our precious planet.

dearworldleadersIn 2015 we will be trusting you to set new development goals to protect this earth and make it a safe, equal and nurturing home for all.

More than 7 million of us have taken the MY World survey and voted for the world we want. We need a paradigm shift. These votes that represent the hopes and dreams of every 1 in 1,000 people on the planet for a better life.

We ask for better education, healthcare, jobs, honest and responsive government and so much more. Let’s get these new goals right so in 15 years time we aren’t writing these same words again.

Vote, listen and act in 2015. Working together we can be the generation that ends poverty and preserves the planet.

We the peoples

The open letter to world leaders has been appeared in print editions of Time, The Economist and the Financial Times.

New Partner Toolkits Available

Want to become a partner and learn how to get more involved in MY World 2015 and the World We Want 2015? Download our partner toolkit today!

Quiere ud. ser aliado y aprender como involucrarse en MI Mundo 2015 y The World We Want 2015? Descarga nuestro Guía para Socios hoy!

Souhaitez vous devenir un partenaire et apprendre à s’impliquer davantage dans My World 2015 et The World We Want 2015? Téléchargez notre toolkit dès aujourd’hui!


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Many thanks to the following individuals for their assistance in developing and translating the toolkits and associated graphics: Natalie Gardner, Christina Samson, Alice Chen, Kristin Gutekunst, Emmanuel Fontalvo, Divine Ntiokam, Nya DJjowa Audrey, Ngnepi Sandra, Papa Tiecoro Dembele, YouThink

MY World Sound Track

A group of young Ecuadorians, from the Virgilio Guerrero Center in Quito, have created a song that talks about their priorities for a better world titled as “The World we Want”. It is written by two local musicians named Frack MC and MC Chris. Recognizing the great potential of this song, UNDP offices in Quito had the idea to make a video featuring not only the two musicians who wrote the song but also the group of young people from this Center who had previously participated in the National Post-2015 Consultations.

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Vote for your favorite candidate to the MY World People’s Choice Award!

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 7.37.34 PM

To recognize all the great works of our partners around the world, we will be holding a MY World Partner Recognition Event in New York on 25 September 2013. During the event, we will award the most popular candidate according to your votes!

Check out the candidates at http://bit.ly/1d2PEFe and vote for your favorite story! Everybody is invited to participate!

25 Sept. MY World Partner Recognition Event and Award Ceremony

When: 25 September 2013, 6:15 pm (EST) 
Where: Danny Kaye Center. UNICEF House, 3 UN Plaza, New York

11 Promotion Activity for My World

Thanks to the support of over 700 partners worldwide, MY World, the United Nations survey for a better world, has mobilized over 850,000 participants in 194 countries.

By September 2013, we will have reached 1 million votes and this turning point provides the perfect backdrop for a MY World Partner Recognition Event and MY World Award Ceremony.

The MY World Awards will recognize the work  of those  partners who have stood out for their performance in the promotion of the MY World survey at the national or international level.

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Discussion of the High Level Panel’s Report on the Post 2015 Agenda

Date: 31st May 2013 (10am to 12pm)

Location: United Nations Headquarters, ECOSOC Chamber

What is being discussed? On May 31st (12:01am EST) the report of the High Level Panel (HLP) on the post-2015 development agenda will be available to stakeholders, following the submission of the same to the UN Secretary General the previous day. A number of UN agencies and stakeholder groups have come together to organize a discussion of the report taking advantage of the Panel’s presence in New York at this time. This event will take place at a critical time in the post-2015 process as the HLP report serves as the opening chapter of a fairly lengthy book, which is the post-2015 process. Continue reading “Discussion of the High Level Panel’s Report on the Post 2015 Agenda”

Why jobs and livelihoods matter

By Aurelio Parisotto, Senior Economist, International Labour Organization

Girls carry bricks in the town of Zemio in Uganda
Girls carry bricks in the town of Zemio in Uganda

As we approach the 2015 deadline for the current Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), we have a golden opportunity to put jobs and livelihoods at the top of the international development agenda. This is not simply according to the ILO. The first results of the UN ‘My World’ global survey, which asked people in 190 countries for their priorities for a post-2015 development agenda, show that “jobs are a high priority everywhere.”

From Albania and Jordan to Vietnam and Zambia, the call for more and better job opportunities was also made loud and clear in online discussions and national consultations organized by the UN. In Uganda, of the 17,000 people consulted, about half said that getting a job was their top priority. Many also mentioned the need for better social protection, especially in informal sectors where economic and social insecurity is high.

These demands are not surprising given the current global labour market situation.

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Post-2015 agenda: Reinventing global decision-making | Olav Kjørven

[brightcove vid=2291692914001&exp3=57953072001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=987386921&pk=AQ~~,AAAAADraVCk~,_iousidU67GrRpQ4qbV9D473S6KKbOBM&w=520&h=390]

As individuals contribute their voices to the post-2015 development agenda, health and education emerge as priorities.
As individuals contribute their voices to the post-2015 development agenda, health and education emerge as priorities.

For the first time in history, the United Nations (UN) are engaging people all around the world in shaping a global agenda: the next development goals.

We are breaking new ground using digital media, mobile phone technology and door-to-door interviewers to include as many individuals as possible in the debate on the future anti-poverty targets that will build on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

To date, close to half a million people have taken part in the ongoing “Global Conversation.” Continue reading “Post-2015 agenda: Reinventing global decision-making | Olav Kjørven”