Meet the 8 Winners of the UN SDG Action Awards 2019

Campaigners, Storytellers, Mobilizers, Connectors, Campaigners, Visualizers, Includers, Creatives, these are the most transformative and impactful SDG initiatives of the year.

Every year, the UN SDG Action Awards, organized by the UN SDG Action Campaign, celebrate individuals, civil society organizations, local governments, and changemakers who are taking transformative action to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across a range of categories.

On May 2, we announced and awarded this year’s leading mobilizer, connector, campaigner, visualizer, includer, creative and storyteller, who together send a clear message to the world — that advocates are translating the Global Goals into local action, and are making an impact through innovation, dedication and collaboration.

Meet the #SDGAwards 2019 Winners

Visualizer category:
Safecity: Crowdmap for sexual violence — Mumbai, India

“There are millions of women and girls who experience sexual violence on a daily basis. They can’t be here but each one of you can make a difference.” — Elsa Marie D’Silva

Elsa Marie D’Silva, Founder and CEO, receiving the Award (Photo: Filippo Fortis)

Storyteller category:
Humans & Climate Change Stories — Lausanne, Switzerland

“As a journalist, we spent 5 weeks in privacy with the families and there is a very solid contract between the journalist and these families — they are in the front line of climate change,” — Samuel Turpin

Samuel Turpin receiving the Award (Photo: Filippo Fortis)

Creative category:
Make Art / Stop AIDS: Youth — Zomba, Malawi

“The impact that this project has brought to the students has left a print in my heart. Art is a powerful language.” — Sharon Kalima

Sharon Kalima, Youth Programme Officer, after the announcement of the SGD Action Awards. (Photo: Filippo Fortis)

Connector category:
Tacking Ocean Plastic and Global Poverty with IBM Blockchain Technology — Haiti, Philippines and USA

All of us should systematically embrace good tech, and collectively advance sustainability. — Andrés Rodriguez

Andres Rodriguez, Alexandra Hiniker, and Ottavia Ortolani before the announcement of the Award. (Photo: Filippo Fortis)

Campaigner category:
A White Dress Doesn’t Cover the Rape #Undress522 — Beirut, Lebanon

“Dedicated to my country, my family, my team, to every women survivor of sexual assault. They can’t be here but each one of you can make a difference.” —Ghida Anani

Ghida Anani, Founder and Director, receiving the Award. (Photo: Filippo Fortis)

Includer category:
Transforming Lives Make Senses for Everyone — United Kingdom

“I’d like to thank the 4.237 parathletes who went to the London 2012, who changed attitudes towards disabilities. Their amazing performance has inspired the world and its thanks to them that one million more persons with disabilities are in employment in the UK.” Craig Spence

Craig Spence, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, with his team. (Photo: Filippo Fortis)

Mobilizer category:
Follow the Money — Abuja, Nigeria

“In 2018, we were able to track over 10 million dollars in Nigeria and reached directly 2 million lives. Mobilizing citizens, engaging governments, using data and telling stories brings change. Achieving the SDG’s is about connecting the dots.” Hamzat Lawal

Hamzat Lawal, Founder, receiving the Award. (Photo: Filippo Fortis)

People’s Choice Award:

2030 Youth Force Philippines — Philippines

“We go beyond our network and get to the grassroots and make them aware that they also contribute to the Global Goals.” — Jules Guiang

Jules Guiang, Co-Founder receiving the Award. (Photo: Yaroslav Senchuk)

Honourable mentions

WFP Storytellers Project
United Nations World Food Programme Communications Team
Rome, Italy

Empowering Marginalized Young Women &Youth Through Volunteerism and Community Radio
A project by UN Volunteers and UN Women Community Radio Project Team
Quetta, Pakistan

The People’s Seat Initiative
A project by UN Climate Change and the UN’s Department of Global Communications
Bonn, Germany

The most important countdown of the year
An initiative by Newlink group, RTVE & High Commissioner 2030 Agenda
Madrid, Spain

I am a force to be reckoned with!
A project by UNDP Nordic Office in Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden

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