International Master’s students get inspired to #ACT4SDGs at the Global Campaign Center

In preparation for the Global Day of Action on Sustainable Development, a yearly happening on September 25th to celebrate the anniversary of the SDGs, a group of international Master students visited the Global Campaign Center in Bonn.

The students, enrolled in the Sustainable Development Management Program at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, discussed the centre’s work, participated in the MY World 2030 survey, shared their opinions through the Humans of MY World campaign, and most importantly brainstormed and presented a range of actions that will be used in the toolkit for the Global Day of Action on 25 September.

Some of the activations proposed by the students focused on cleaning up and rebuilding forests, organising flash mobs to raise awareness and demand action on the SDGs, and several community building activities.

Do you have yourself an outstanding idea to #Act4SDGs #By2030? And do you want it to be shared by millions of people around the world? Then reach out to us via @SDGAction or via Facebook and we might include it in our global toolkit.