A few facts from 1.7 million votes!

We have surpassed 1.7 million votes! Here are a few facts arising from this milestone:

  • “An honest and responsive government” has returned as the third priority, displacing “Better job opportunities.”
  • “Equality between men and women” moves up and is ranking in the middle of the priority list, currently at eighth with 530,703 votes.
  • We have received 1.2 Million votes from respondents aged 30 and under.

The top six countries with the most votes are:

  • India  253817
  • Sri Lanka 234966
  • Nigeria 175249
  • Yemen 123742
  • Philippines 70369
  • Thailand 69438

See more key facts on individual Country Reports on the World We Want  (for countries that have over 2,000 votes)

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